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TS3-60 LH 7 Club Set, Combo Shafts, Grey/White/Maroon Bag

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Our most advanced clubs for the advanced player in a 7 Club Stand Bag Set. This TS3 set features Graphite Shafts in the woods and hybrids, and Steel Shafts in the irons. A.I.M. putters, 3 Hybrid, 4 Iron, 5 Iron, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, Gap Wedge and Lob Wedge are also available to add to this set by purchase or through the 6th Club Free Program.
  • Optimal Height Range 60 in. to 63 in.
  • v5 model (5% lighter club heads than adult)
  • J-Flex Shafts frequency matched and spined
  • Low flex point for optimal ball flight
  • Appropriately sized grip (replacements available)
  • TS3 Stand Bag
  • Ball pocket available for personalization (Call customer service for information)
  • Headcovers included
Clubs in this set
  • Launch 460cc Driver, Graphite Shaft
  • 3 Wood, Graphite Shaft
  • 4 Hybrid, Graphite Shaft
  • 6 Iron, Steel Shaft
  • 8 Iron, Steel Shaft
  • Pitching Wedge, Steel Shaft
  • Sand Wedge, Steel Shaft
*A putter is not included in the set
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